Immersive Superlatives from 2017

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This year I launched Otherworld — a project designed to connect people through immersive experiences. My goal with Otherworld was to create a monthly occasion to uncover new experiences, enjoy them with a group of likeminded adventurers, and then discuss them salon-style over a drink or a bite. Otherworld — much like the multi-sensory, genre-defying, experiences we attend — isn’t just one thing. It’s a book club for events, a place for social gathering, a curation platform for unique things to do in NYC, and an experimental sandbox

As an experience designer myself, Otherworld provides an opportunity to deconstruct a wide variety of IRL events, discuss and collect feedback with a group of audience members, and gain insight on the ingredients for truly powerful experiences.

In 2017, our events have taken us to the corners of the city — from Yonkers to Sunset Park — to explore threads of theater, music, performance art, history and nightlife.

The New Year marks an exciting new chapter for Otherworld. In addition to expanding this community and our calendar of experiences in 2018, the focus for next year will be on creation. This means developing original content, forming new partnerships to expand our reach, and experimenting with creating our own experiences altogether. In short, there’s a lot more to come. But before blazing ahead into 2018, I wanted to share some of our superlatives and takeaways from 2017. (Read the entire post on Medium)