7:00 PM19:00

Little Cinema - Secret Halloween Special

We’re headed back to the House of Yes, this time for Little Cinema’s Halloween edition. Expect film, dance, acrobatics, and  ‘stumes. In their words. ‘This will be our most interactive audiovisual performance, putting a fresh, new twist on black comedy horror.'

Suggested Dress: Spooky, scary, blood-curdling and bone-chilling. Or literal blood and guts, with bones poking out. Mask your identity or paint your face - zombified murderers, ghoulish demons, and haunting spirits of the dead are all welcome here. Naive, well-intentioned teenager from the 90's fully oblivious to their impending peril is also acceptable.

Tickets ($22) HERE

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7:30 PM19:30

Alien Nation

What do you get when you combine an alien movie, an original film score, and an immersive theater production? We’re about to find out. ‘Alien Nation is a live, immersive alien movie about a group of college seniors who might be terrible people, and the race of aliens that invade their bodies to make them better. Alien Nation casts and recasts its audience as extras in a wild, funny, theatrical thriller tinged with existential regret.’

Tickets $25 HERE

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to May 20

The Oddly Satisfying Spa

We're living in a world in which constant influence, instant gratification, sensory overload and technology addiction are negatively impacting our emotional and physical health. 

The Oddly Satisfying Spa offers an alternative.

Using art and meditative digital media, The Oddly Satisfying Spa is an experience designed to improve your digital wellness. Rebalance your relationship with technology and with your own perceptions.

Whispers only. No phones allowed.

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Little Cinema - Romeo and Juliet Immersive @ House of Yes

On February 6 and February 11, Little Cinema returns to the House of Yes for an immersive screening of Romeo and Juliet. In collaboration with The Love Show, Little Cinema will bring the story of Montagues and Capulets into the audience with the help of a full cast of aerialists and dancers. 

Interested in joining us? RSVP to otherworldnyc@gmail.com to reserve your ticket or purchase one here


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3:00 PM15:00

Counting Sheep - An Immersive Guerilla Folk Opera

Counting Sheep retells the 2013 Ukrainian Maidan Revolution from the perspective of protesters with the help of video, dance, and music from Canada’s beloved guerilla-folk-party-punk band, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

After the performance, we will indulge in conversation over pirogies and borscht so get excited [hungry].

Tickets are $53; RSVP by emailing otherworldnyc@gmail.com with the subject line I'm In.

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